Our Remodeling Services

At Montclair Home Solutions, we are dedicated to providing homeowners with high quality remodeling and renovation services that will make their homes more comfortable and attractive. We work with every one of our clients to design their new remodeling or construction project, and we’ll always make sure that it’s constructed perfectly and professionally. Our Montclair remodeling contractors know how important your home is to you and your family, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you receive the highest quality craftsmanship possible and at every job we perform.

Kitchen Remodeling

Montclair Kitchen RemodelingMost homeowners end spending the majority of their time at home in their kitchen. Kitchens are where you prepare meals, eat, socialize over coffee, and—of course—where a lot of your cleaning tasks are performed. They also might be used as any other kind of space when they're needed, like a place for kids to do homework. Because your kitchen is used so often and for so many different things, it naturally becomes the centerpiece of your Montclair home, and improving it is one of the best ways to improve your home as a whole.

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Bathroom Remodeling

Montclair Bathroom RemodelingBathroom renovations can be as simple as replacing a few of your plumbing fixtures, or it could as intensive and involved and completely deconstructing and rebuilding the entire room. No matter how small or large your bathroom remodeling project is, our remodeling contractors can tackle the job. We'll discuss the goals that you have for this project with you, then we'll help you find the best ways to achieve them.

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Trim and Molding

Montclair Wood Trim & ModlingOur remodeling contractors have the versatile skill-set necessary to install, maintain, and repair all types of trim and molding within your home. Our trim and molding design specialists can customize your trim work so that it's a perfect match for your individual aesthetic tastes and the unique design and architecture of your home.

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Custom Built-Ins

Montclair Custom Built-InsIf you're looking for a great way to add functionality and aesthetic value to your Montclair home, our custom built-ins are a great way to accomplish both. Our custom built-ins can help you reduce clutter in your home and open up your living spaces to make more comfortable, attractive, and functional.

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Drywall Repairs

Montclair Drywall RepairsEven if you're careful, your walls or ceilings can easily sustain small damages at any time. Drywall can be damaged by children playing a little too roughly, a doorknob that accidentally slams into a wall, or an unknown leak in your bathtub. Whatever the cause of the damage, the professional remodeling contractors at Montclair Home Solutions can help you repair it to like-new condition.

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Doors and Locks

Montclair Doors & LocksWhether you need a front door, a patio door, french doors, or glass doors, the remodeling contractors at Montclair Home Solutions can make sure that your new doors are a perfect match for your Montclair home, and that they’re installed perfectly. We know that each small part of your home is just as important as the next, so we'll work to make sure that your door replacement is done perfectly from start to finish.

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Decks and Porches

Montclair Decks & PorchesThe addition of a deck or porch to your Montclair home can change your home's aesthetics completely. They can make your more comfortable and attractive, and they can even it make feel much larger. Our professionals will help you create the perfect new deck or porch for your home, and we'll make sure that it's constructed to the highest level of quality craftsmanship.

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If you're looking for a remodeling contractor in Montclair, call Montclair Home Solutions at 973-763-9258, or fill out our online request form.